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Red Sox Duck Boat Parade – But Are Duck Boats Safe?

Bostonians once again have good reason to feel that their metropolis should rightly be called the City of Champions. Our Red Sox nearly swept the baseball playoffs, losing only once to our vaunted rival Yankees, once to the defending champion Houston Astros, and once to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was the “Saux” fourth title in the young century, and the 11th pro title for Boston since 2001. As part of our “yearly” tradition, the Sox players, families, coaches, and officials were paraded in Duck boats from Landsdowne Street to just past City Hall. The Duck Boat parade has also been used to celebrate titles won by the Patriots and Bruins.


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How Much is My Car Accident Worth in Worcester

Car accident injuries are probably the most common type of injury claim presented. Out of some 6.5 million car accidents nationwide each year, about 2.5 million result in injuries to motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Boston ranks second in the nation in car accident rates and first among cities with populations of over 1 million. With so many accidents, there are often complex issues of liability, insurance coverage, and proving damages. But the most common question asked of car accident lawyers in Worcester, or anywhere else, is how much is my car accident injury claim worth?


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Hit From Behind Accidents in Worcester

Worcester lies about one hour west of Boston. There are nine colleges in this city of 200,000,which makes it the second largest city in all of New England. Combined with a lively arts community and ethnic restaurants, it is a top attraction for tourists and families seeking excellent education for their children and cultural advantages for all. But along with a moderate sized population comes big city issues. Car accidents are not uncommon as they are anywhere else. And among the most common type of car accident is the one where you are hit from behind, or a rear-ender.


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Boston Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are not uncommon. In some cases, a driver who strikes a pedestrian or bicyclist might not have been aware that an accident did happen, especially if the accident was at night or when visibility was limited due to rain or snow. But in most cases, the responsible motorist was aware of the accident and fled nonetheless. This may create problems for injured victims in terms of being compensated for their injuries and damages such as medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, among others.


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Boston Car Accidents With Neck and Back Injuries

Car accident injuries are the most common personal injury claims that insurance companies handle. Studies of states with high crash rate incidents and injuries usually place Massachusetts drivers at the top of the list, making our state one of the worst places to drive. In Boston, an Allstate study found that you are 157.7% more likely to be involved in a crash than is the norm., meaning you can expect to be in a car crash in Boston every 3-years. The national average is once per 10-years. And along with many car accidents is the high likelihood of sustaining neck and back injuries.


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Thanksgiving Eve Car Accidents

Holidays are times for relaxing, getting together with friends and family, and blowing off steam from the stress of work. But holidays are also fraught with certain dangers, and not just from overeating. Drunk driving remains an overwhelming concern of police and city officials, despite decades of warnings, education, public service announcements, DUI checkpoints, and increased penalties. And one of the most dangerous times during the entire year to be on the roadways is the eve before Thanksgiving.


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What You Need to Know About Special Focus Nursing Homes

If you are thinking that the time or circumstances are such that residential or nursing home care is the right option for you or for a loved one, you should be aware of and investigate the quality of care that any particular nursing home facility provides. A major concern of yours should be whether the nursing homes you are considering are Special Focus Nursing Homes (SFF facilities). These are homes that have been targeted for improvement due to documented and extensive quality of care violations.


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Nursing Home: Obesity Issues


Obesity is a major problem in our society.  An obese person is one whose body mass index (BMI)  is 30%. Your BMI is a measure of body fat and is based on your weight and height. Generally, the normal range for both sexes is between 18.5% and 24.9%.


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Insurance Claim Denied After a Fire

Merrimack Valley Home Explosions Lawyer
How to Ensure You Get Your Fire Insurance Claim
Insurance is meant to cover our losses in the event of an illness, injury or an event that destroys a home.  Regarding your house, you pay hundreds of dollars per year in premiums for fire, flood, or earthquake coverage or if someone is […]

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Wrongful Death from Nursing Home Abuse


Nursing homes are designed to provide comfort and care to those in our society who are most vulnerable: the elderly and the sick. Unfortunately, however, nursing homes often fail to live up to the standard of care they’re designed to deliver and nursing home residents suffer injuries, deterioration in condition, and even death in severe cases. When the negligence of or abuse from a nursing home staff member leads to the wrongful death of a nursing home resident, the victim’s family should not hesitate to contact an aggressive nursing home abuse attorney immediately.


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