Injured in a MBTA Accident: Here is What You Need to Know

The MBTA, or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, is the central or official mass transit system for the commonwealth. There are other regional transit authorities as well. However, the MBTA is the main authority that controls and regulates public transit including buses, ferries, subways, commuter rail and trains. 


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Massachusetts Nursing Homes: Financial Abuse

Massachusetts, like most other states, has its share of nursing home facilities. The baby boom generation’s oldest members are now in their mid-70s with millions turning 65 every year. Unfortunately, many of these individuals and those who are younger are entering nursing home facilities due to cognitive and/or physical decline.


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Massachusetts Leash Law: What You Should Know

Dog bite or attack claims are not uncommon. In the U.S., there are over 5 million reported instances of dog attacks on individuals each year. In Massachusetts, there are hundreds of dog bite claims brought by individuals who have sustained injuries ranging from bites on the hand to vicious assaults leaving the victims with permanent scars, internal organ injuries, and fatal injuries. 


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Injured in an ATV Accident in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, are fun to drive and are popular in Massachusetts. These open-air vehicles are often driven on designated mountain or forest trails over rough terrain, in streams, mud, over rocks, and sometimes in poor weather. But because these vehicles offer little protection to drivers who are easily ejected in a spill or rollover, injuries are not uncommon. 


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Understanding Nursing Home Wrongful Death in Massachusetts

For many elderly or incapacitated adults, nursing homes are the final destination after a long and fulfilling life. We expect our loved ones to be adequately cared for and that their daily living needs be met. So, when a Massachusetts nursing home staff person reports that your loved one suddenly died or has suffered a fall or unexpected illness or condition that turns out to be fatal, you should question the circumstances that led to the individual’s untimely death.


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What to Do After a Truck Accident in Massachusetts

A truck accident can be devastating. If you’ve been harmed, reach out to a truck accident attorney for information about your rights and options.


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Massachusetts Car Accident: Identifying Fault and Liability

Determining fault after a car accident is very important in Massachusetts. Here’s what you need to know about how a determination of fault is made.


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Worcester Slip and Fall in a Supermarket

Slipping and falling can be a scary and dangerous experience – understanding your rights and knowing who’s responsible for your harm is critical to recovering damages. 


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Nursing Homes During COVID: Bedsore Injuries on the Rise

Bedsores are always a risk for patients who cannot move on their own, but that risk may be exacerbated now, as hospitals and nursing homes face greater demands amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


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How to Deal with a Car Accident at the Grocery Store

If you’re involved in a car accident at the grocery store and suffer harm, retain the counsel of a car accident lawyer. 


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