If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, you don’t have to read the news to know that areas like Boston, New York, and surrounding areas have suffered record low temperatures recently; you just have to go outside. Indeed, at the end of 2017, the low in Boston hit 12 degrees Fahrenheit, a new record from the 1924 low of 18 degrees.

Cold temperatures aren’t just unpleasant – they’re dangerous too. Here’s a look at how cold temperatures increase the risk of car accident and injury.


One of the biggest and most obvious concerns with super cold weather is the risk of ice, which can form when temperatures hit freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and below. When temperatures are especially low, as they have been in Boston recently, ice can form instantly wherever there is moisture. This means that things like steam, fog, or spray from water can freeze on roads in very quickly,, creating slippery conditions for drivers that greatly increase the risk of an accident.


Cold weather and precipitation often go hand-in-hand. And when it’s this cold outside, precipitation means ice. In addition to ice on the road, precipitation (and fog) impair visibility, and make it harder for drivers to see where they’re going and control their vehicles.

Vehicle Breakdowns

Cars like chilly weather, but below-freezing temperatures are hard on people and cars alike. Indeed, when it’s ultra cold outside, a car battery is more prone to die, your windshield wipers and fluid may not work (because they’re frozen), and your tires may lose a lot of pressure. If your vehicle breaks down, it could cause a crash, and temperatures are so low that you are at risk of serious injury due to cold exposure. Tips for avoiding a vehicle breakdown when you’re on Boston roads include keeping your vehicle well-maintained and paying special attention to the above, and to avoid driving in bad and very cold weather when possible. If you do have to drive, make sure that you have an emergency kit within your vehicle that includes blankets, gloves, a hat, and winter boots, and don’t drive without a warm coat with you.

Work with Our Boston Car Accident Attorney If You’ve Been in a Crash

Cold weather may increase the risk of a crash, but cold weather or not, negligent and careless drivers continue to perform dangerous maneuvers on Boston’s roads. If you have been in a crash in Boston, our experienced Boston car accident attorney wants to meet with you.

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