Navigating a parking lot can be tough work when there’s a lot of traffic, the parking spots are tight, or snow and ice are making things slippery. While most parking lot accidents don’t lead to serious injuries, it is possible for a parking lot accident in Massachusetts to result in substantial damages, both economic and noneconomic. If you’ve been in a crash, our parking lot accident attorneys in Massachusetts can help. Call today to learn more. 

Types of Parking Lot Accidents

Common types of parking lot accidents include:

  • Back-up and back-over accidents. While reversing, it’s very possible to hit another vehicle, a lamppost, or worse – even a person. Even more devastating than a back-up accident that results in few damages, though, is a back-over accident, where a vehicle actually runs over something behind it. 
  • Rear-end accidents. Rear-end accidents are very common in parking lots, and happen when drivers follow too closely or are rushed and distracted. 
  • Stationary object accidents. Hitting a light pole or a shopping cart happens. Fortunately, these types of accidents tend to be relatively minor. 
  • Other parking lot fender-benders. In addition to the above, slipping on ice, hitting the taillight of a car when trying to make a quick turn, and accidents that occur when turning into or out of the parking lot are all possible, too. 

Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents are almost always preventable and occur as a result of negligent behavior. Examples of causes of parking lot accidents include:

  • Failing to look. Simply failing to properly scan one’s surroundings before backing up or performing another maneuver in a parking lot is a common cause of crashes. 
  • Distracted driving. Driving while distracted in a parking lot might seem relatively harmless since a vehicle is usually traveling at slow speeds, but it can lead to a serious accident. Paying attention until the car is turned off is always important. 
  • Ice and snow. Parking lots can be slippery, leading to ice- and snow-caused collisions. In some cases, the owner of the parking lot may be held liable if their failure to remove snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time caused the crash. 
  • Carelessness/recklessness. Finally, general negligence, carelessness, and recklessness can lead to parking lot accidents. Speeding, driving aggressively, or performing illegal maneuvers are all dangerous. 

Liability for a Parking Lot Accident

Liability for a parking lot accident in Massachusetts is based on fault. In most cases, you can file a claim against your own insurance company’s personal injury protection coverage; however, if your damages are greater than $2,000 or you’ve suffered serious injuries, you can bring forth a claim against the party whose fault caused the crash. Our lawyers can assist you in navigating the claims process and understanding your options. 

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