Whether you’re acting as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist, or passenger in a motor vehicle at the time of impact, sometimes, the accidents that are the scariest are the ones that we never see coming. What’s more, rear-end collisions and hit-from-behind crashes are some of the most common accident types, compromising about ⅓ of collisions with a moving motor vehicle, according to data provided by the Insurance Information Institute. If you’re involved in a hit-from-behind crash, not only will you need to prove the extent of damages you have suffered, but also the fault of the other driver. Our Worcester car accident lawyers can help.

Causes of Hit-from-Behind Car Accidents

A hit-from-behind car accident is almost always the result of the negligence of one of the parties involved, and, often, but not always, the fault of the rear driver. A hit-from-behind car accident involving another motor vehicle or a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist may occur when a driver is:

  • Following too closely/tailgating;
  • Is distracted;
  • Is traveling at a speed that is too fast for conditions;
  • Is intoxicated or impaired; or
  • Fails to yield to a pedestrian or non-motorist that is crossing at a sidewalk, striking them from behind/at an angle.

How to Prove Fault in a Hit-from-Behind Car Accident

While Massachusetts is a no-fault state, thereby allowing drivers to recoup compensation for medical expenses after an injury after an accident regardless of fault, in order to bring forth a suit for pain and suffering damages against a responsible driver, negligence of that driver must be established. (Note that Massachusetts only permits tort actions in the event that a car accident results in serious injuries.) Our Worcester car accident lawyers can help you to prove that your accident would not have occurred but for the actions of the other driver, and do this by:

  • Traveling to the accident scene and photographing all pertinent details;
  • Requesting copies of the police accident report;
  • Interviewing key eyewitnesses;
  • Talking to the at-fault driver;
  • Hiring accident reconstruction experts; and
  • Analyzing all physical evidence collected.

In addition to proving the fault of the responsible party, our lawyers can also defend you against accusations of fault. If an insurance adjuster is trying to diminish your settlement by putting the blame for the accident on your shoulders, we can assist you in fighting back and protecting your right to your full compensation award.

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Being hit from behind can be a shocking experience, and one that leaves you with serious injuries and losses, especially if you were not acting as a motor vehicle occupant and did not have the protection of a motor vehicle as such. When you call the Worcester car accident lawyers at the office of Tetzel Law, LLC, we will immediately start working on your case and building your claim. You can trust us to work hard for you.

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