A truck accident can be devastating. If you’ve been harmed, reach out to a truck accident attorney for information about your rights and options.

While all car accidents can be frightening, an accident involving a big rig or semi-truck may be especially terrifying. Not only are these accidents typically more tragic–resulting in serious injuries and damages to occupants of the smaller vehicle involved–but truck accident claims are usually more complex, too. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Massachusetts, consider the following about what to do and how an experienced truck accident lawyer can help–

  1. Report the Accident Promptly

If you’re involved in a truck accident, chances are that your injuries will be so severe that you will not be able to call the police – someone else will need to do this. If you are able to, though, you should report the accident immediately. The police report will serve as a valuable piece of evidence during your claim.

  1. Get Medical Attention and Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Again, you may be so severely injured that you have no choice but to get medical attention. In fact, you may leave the scene of the accident in an ambulance. Not only is it important to seek medical care immediately following the accident, but also to follow your doctor’s orders in the days, weeks, and months following the truck crash. If you fail to follow a prescribed treatment, the insurance company may argue that you’re not doing your due diligence, and the amount of compensation that you can recover may be affected.

  1. Gather Evidence

If you are able to, gathering evidence at the scene of the accident may prove very valuable. We recommend taking pictures of as much as possible, getting eyewitnesses’ names and a brief statement about what they saw, and recording details about how the accident happened. If you are unable to do this, call an attorney – your lawyer can open an investigation on your behalf.

  1. Know When to Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

It can be difficult to know when it is necessary or advisable to hire a legal professional for representation during a truck accident claim. In most cases, you should hire a truck accident attorney in Massachusetts if:

  • Your injuries are serious, catastrophic, or have resulted in long-term disabilities;
  • Your damages are severe, meaning that you have suffered serious economic and noneconomic losses;
  • Fault for the accident is disputed; 
  • Your claim has been denied; or
  • You have been offered a settlement that you don’t think is fair.

If you think that working with an attorney will be useful, calling an attorney as soon as possible after a truck accident is strongly recommended. The earlier that your attorney gets involved in your case, the greater the likelihood of a successful case outcome.

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