As the second most populated city in Massachusetts, Worcester certainly has a significant number of drivers on the road. Worcester’s population continues to grow as the City attracts more and more businesses, college students, and restaurants. The continued development of Worcester means more drivers on the road, including those that may not be familiar with the area. If you live in or have ever driven through Worcester, you may have traveled on one of the most accident-prone intersections noted below. You might have even been involved in an accident at one of the intersections. From the infamous Kelley Square to Main Street, motor vehicle accidents can occur anywhere in Worcester.

Even if you safely operate your vehicle, the negligence of other drivers may cause you to be in an accident and sustain serious injuries. Alternatively, the driver of the vehicle you are a passenger to may cause an accident. With the increased dependence of cell phones and technology, more and more operators are on their phone or another device while driving and are therefore distracted. These distracted drivers increase the likelihood of an accident and decrease their ability to be aware of their surroundings. It’s likely a distracted driver will not see your vehicle as you’re driving through an intersection or along the roadway.

When traveling through one of Worcester’s dangerous intersections noted below, pay attention to traffic signals, obey the rules of the road, be sure to operate your vehicle carefully and be on the lookout for distracted drivers. It is just as important that you are distraction free while operating your vehicle. This will only increase your safety while travelling throughout Worcester and help keep the vehicles around you safe. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the like, can wait until you’re done driving.

It is important to know your rights and what steps to take following an automobile accident. If you or someone you know are injured in a Worcester accident, contact the attorneys at Tetzel Law, LLC for a free consultation today. Our attorneys will review your case and help you to understand your options moving forward. We will work hard for you to build a case and prove the negligence and liability of the at-fault party. You can request more information by sending us a message using the online form on our website, or by calling us directly at 617-933-3858. We look forward to speaking with you.

No. 1: Kelley Square and Water Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 1

No. 2: Harvard Street and Lincoln Square

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 30

No. 3: Belmont Street and Edward Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 33

No. 4: Park Avenue and May Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 37

No. 5: Highland Street and Main Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 53

No. 6: Southbridge Street and Hammond Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 54

No. 7: Main Street and Park Avenue

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 58

No. 8: Southbridge Street and Madison Street

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 59

No. 9: Lincoln Street and Beverly Road

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 64

No. 10: Chandler Street and Murray Avenue

Overall Rank within Massachusetts: 74

Disclaimer: This data was collected by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) during a three (3) year period from 2012 – 2014. The report was published in August 2016. See the full report here.