Hit From Behind in Massachusetts

Being hit from behind in Massachusetts by another vehicle is probably the most common type of motor vehicle accident. The majority of these accidents are minor and occur during traffic jams or when a motorist gets too close to the car in front and taps it but numerous collisions do result in serious injuries or death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end accidents account for 28% of all car collisions and 6% of fatal accidents.


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TL Hit by a Driver Impaired by THC Use

Driving while under the influence of drugs is included as a DUI under Massachusetts law and carries the same penalties, civil and criminal. The tragedy that can result when drivers operate their vehicles when drunk or high was highlighted recently in a concluded trial in Worcester. The defendant was allegedly under the influence of marijuana when his Nissan Maxima collided at around 80 mph with the rear of a police cruiser, killing the officer. A nurse testified that the defendant told her that he had a medical prescription for the drug and had fallen asleep before the collision. His doctor said he had had a compulsive episode or seizure just before the collision that was the real reason for the accident. It is not known if the defendant had taken a blood test for the presence of THC in his system or if he had admitted to using marijuana before driving.


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Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Holiday travel generally means more vehicles on our roadways. When you combine poor weather with the usual culprits of intoxicated and distracted drivers that plague our roads at any time of the year, you usually find a higher rate of accidents and fatalities. The Bureau of Transportation statistics indicate that long distance travel for the Thanksgiving holiday increases by 54% with 90% of that by auto. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there are 50,000 non-fatal but disabling car accidents nationwide over the Thanksgiving holiday. Over the Christmas holidays, the rate is around 37,000.


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Proving Fault if a Car Hits You From Behind

Whether you’re acting as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist, or passenger in a motor vehicle at the time of impact, sometimes, the accidents that are the scariest are the ones that we never see coming. What’s more, rear-end collisions and hit-from-behind crashes are some of the most common accident types, compromising about ⅓ of collisions with a moving motor vehicle, according to data provided by the Insurance Information Institute. If you’re involved in a hit-from-behind crash, not only will you need to prove the extent of damages you have suffered, but also the fault of the other driver. Our Worcester car accident lawyers can help.


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Your Rights Following a Car Accident this Winter

Winter may have everyone’s favorite holidays, but it’s not always a time of peace and gratitude. In fact, in addition to dealing with cold weather and short days, winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers, with the number of car accidents skyrocketing during the winter months. In fact, an article in USA Today which cites the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that about 800 Americans per year die in accidents related to freezing rain, snow, sleet, and ice.


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Red Sox Duck Boat Parade – But Are Duck Boats Safe?

Bostonians once again have good reason to feel that their metropolis should rightly be called the City of Champions. Our Red Sox nearly swept the baseball playoffs, losing only once to our vaunted rival Yankees, once to the defending champion Houston Astros, and once to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was the “Saux” fourth title in the young century, and the 11th pro title for Boston since 2001. As part of our “yearly” tradition, the Sox players, families, coaches, and officials were paraded in Duck boats from Landsdowne Street to just past City Hall. The Duck Boat parade has also been used to celebrate titles won by the Patriots and Bruins.


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How Much is My Car Accident Worth in Worcester

Car accident injuries are probably the most common type of injury claim presented. Out of some 6.5 million car accidents nationwide each year, about 2.5 million result in injuries to motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Boston ranks second in the nation in car accident rates and first among cities with populations of over 1 million. With so many accidents, there are often complex issues of liability, insurance coverage, and proving damages. But the most common question asked of car accident lawyers in Worcester, or anywhere else, is how much is my car accident injury claim worth?


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Boston Car Accidents With Neck and Back Injuries

Car accident injuries are the most common personal injury claims that insurance companies handle. Studies of states with high crash rate incidents and injuries usually place Massachusetts drivers at the top of the list, making our state one of the worst places to drive. In Boston, an Allstate study found that you are 157.7% more likely to be involved in a crash than is the norm., meaning you can expect to be in a car crash in Boston every 3-years. The national average is once per 10-years. And along with many car accidents is the high likelihood of sustaining neck and back injuries.


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Thanksgiving Eve Car Accidents

Holidays are times for relaxing, getting together with friends and family, and blowing off steam from the stress of work. But holidays are also fraught with certain dangers, and not just from overeating. Drunk driving remains an overwhelming concern of police and city officials, despite decades of warnings, education, public service announcements, DUI checkpoints, and increased penalties. And one of the most dangerous times during the entire year to be on the roadways is the eve before Thanksgiving.


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Worcester’s 10 Most Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents

As the second most populated city in Massachusetts, Worcester certainly has a significant number of drivers on the road. Worcester’s population continues to grow as the City attracts more and more businesses, college students, and restaurants. The continued development of Worcester means more drivers on the road, including those that may not be familiar with the area. If you live in or have ever driven through Worcester, you may have traveled on one of the most accident-prone intersections noted below. You might have even been involved in an accident at one of the intersections. From the infamous Kelley Square to Main Street, motor vehicle accidents can occur anywhere in Worcester.


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