Like most homeowners, you assume that because you carry homeowners’ insurance – and always pay your premiums in full and on time – a disaster like frozen pipes will be covered under your policy. Further, you probably expect that your claim will be processed in a reasonable amount of time, and that you will be paid a fair amount without hassle.

Unfortunately, as the weeks and months go by, you may realize that getting the money you are owed for a frozen pipes claim isn’t easy, and your insurance company may even flatout deny your claim. If it does, here is what you need to know about fighting a denied insurance claim for frozen pipes–

You Need to Know Your Policy

The most important thing to understand when you’re fighting a denied insurance claim for frozen pipes and related water damage is exactly what your policy says. Most policies will cover water damage; in fact, water damage is one of the most common reasons that homeowners file insurance claims. However, each insurance policy is different, so read through your policy thoroughly to determine exactly what is covered. If you are having a hard time understanding your policy, bring it to an attorney for review.

Your insurance policy should also state whether or not the policy will cover the cost of water damage alone, or the cost of water damage and the cost of repairing the burst pipes.

You’ll Likely Need to Prove that You Weren’t to Blame

Depending upon the provisions of your homeowners’ insurance policy, you’ll likely need to prove that you weren’t to blame for the burst pipes, and that you took reasonable measures to prevent pipes from bursting. Reasonable measures might include insulating your pipes, turning off the water supply, or maintaining heat throughout your home, even if you’re away or out of town. Proving that you took these measures can be time-intensive, and will require gathering evidence to support your claim.

Strategizing and Fighting a Denied Claim

Insurance policies can be very complex; the language of the policy is often designed with the intent to save the insurance company money and deny as many homeowners’ claims as possible. While you may feel helpless after your insurance company denies your frozen pipe claim, it is important that you start strategizing and fighting back as soon as possible. This should be left to an insurance litigation professional, who is experienced in deciphering contract and policy language, negotiating with insurance adjusters, gathering evidence to support homeowners’ claims, and taking denied claims to court if necessary.

At the offices of Tetzel Law, we have just the legal team you are looking for. Our insurance litigation attorneys are experienced in representing Massachusetts homeowners whose pipes have burst as a result of freezing temperatures, and have suffered serious water damage to their properties. If you need to fight a denied claim, call our law offices today at 617-933-3858, or contact us using our online form.