If you believe that your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, it’s important that you take action immediately. Our nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

When a loved one is living within a nursing home, family members want nothing more than to believe that the elderly loved one is receiving the best care possible; it can be shocking and painful to believe anything different. Tragically, though, nursing home abuse is a serious problem and when it occurs, nursing home residents may be at a significant risk of harm. If you suspect that nursing home abuse is occurring, here’s an overview of steps that you should take immediately

  1. Call the Police if You Believe Abuse Will Lead to Imminent Harm or Death

In some cases, elder abuse is a crime in Massachusetts, and getting the police involved is necessary and appropriate in order to protect the resident. However, even if you are unsure of whether or not the abuse that your loved one is undergoing is illegal, if you believe that the elderly person is at risk of bodily harm or death as a result of the abuse, you should not hesitate to call the police.

  1. Keep Detailed Notes About Suspicions of Abuse

One of the most important things that you can do if you suspect that elder abuse is occurring is to keep detailed notes about your suspicions. Any evidence that you have of abuse may prove critical at a later point, particularly if you pursue a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

  1. Talk to the Nursing Home Manager

It’s important that you make your concerns known to a nursing home manager or supervisor. In some cases, the nursing home manager may be able to provide you with information that puts your mind at ease, or may be able to intervene in order to mitigate any behaviors that appear abusive. Be sure to take notes about your conversation. 

  1. Report the Nursing Home Abuse

If your concerns have not been resolved at this point–and even if they have–reporting your suspicions of nursing home abuse to the state is the next step. You can report elder abuse and neglect by calling Elder Protection Services at (800) 922-2275, or you can file a report online. After you report your suspicions, an investigation will commence. For nursing home-specific cases, you can call the Department of Public Health at (800) 462-5540. It is also possible to file a complaint against a nursing home by calling the long-term care ombudsman. 

  1. Contact an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect nursing home abuse, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can provide guidance and advice, including information about how to report the abuse, whether or not a civil action can be pursued, what steps to take to protect the nursing home resident, and how much your case may be worth. At the office of Tetzel Law, LLC, our experienced Massachusetts nursing home abuse lawyer is passionate about putting an end to nursing home abuse. Send our law firm a message or call one of our lawyers today at (617) 742-1700 for your free consultation.