Avoiding a Boston Car Accident During Your Summer Road Trip

Americans love to travel, and traveling by car–especially during the summer when the weather is nice and the kids are out of school–is one of the preferred methods. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in a single year there were more than 657 million long-distance summer trips made during the 16-week period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and that nine out of 10 of those summer trips were in a personal vehicle, such as a car.   

While there is no doubt taking a road trip can be extremely fun, they also have the potential to be dangerous. With hot temperatures that increase the risk of a vehicle malfunction, increases in summer road construction projects, more drivers on the road than at other times of the year, and an unfamiliarity with the area, the risk of accident is high. If you will be taking a road trip this August, here are some tips for avoiding a crash. If you are involved in a Boston car accident, contact the office of Tetzel Law, LLC for a free consultation.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is important all year round, but during the summer, maintenance becomes especially important. In the summertime, the risk of vehicle breakdown is higher due to overheating, and the risk of tire tread separation and a tire blowout increases as well. Make sure you always check your tire pressure, and confirm your tire tread is in good condition before hitting the road. You should also change your oil, monitor your engine temperature while driving, and refill your antifreeze/coolant as needed

Know Your Route

Driving in unfamiliar territory could increase the risk of a crash. One thing that you can do to stay safe is to make sure you know your route. Map your route in advance, and check for any road closures, delays, or traffic before leaving. Ask a passenger to navigate so that you don’t have to constantly look at the map/GPS system. If you are driving in an unfamiliar place, slow your speed and pay more attention to your surroundings. Remember to keep road rage under control, too. While driving in a new place can be frustrating, letting your emotions get the best of you can be dangerous, resulting in aggressive driving.

Take Turns

One thing that significantly increases the risk of an accident is driving while fatigued. In fact, some studies suggest that fatigued driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you have more than a few hours worth of driving to do, and certainly if you are driving overnight or for more than one day, switch drivers frequently. Switching drivers, making stops for food and water, and getting plenty of rest during the journey can help to prevent a crash.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Boston Car Accident

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