An argument over semantics has occurred: do the phrases ‘car accident’ and ‘car crash’ mean the same thing? According to many activists, they don’t; instead, say those behind campaigns to remove the word ‘accident’ from car crash descriptions, an accident implies a lack of fault. A car crash, on the other hand, is much more accurate term for a wreck that wouldn’t have occurred but for the negligence—or act of preventable fault—of one of the drivers. When it’s a car crash, someone should be held liable.

Insurance Companies and Accidents

Insurance companies love to use the word ‘accident’ when talking about collisions between two or more vehicles. That’s because the word accident implies that no one was at-fault; that the ‘accident’ would have occurred regardless. However, the truth is that the vast majority of car wrecks in Massachusetts aren’t accidental at all; rather, they’re caused as a direct result of someone’s careless and negligent behavior. Examples of negligent behavior that cause car crashes include speeding, drinking while driving, using a cell phone or handheld device, running red lights/stop signs, and otherwise driving with disregard for traffic laws.

Car Crashes and Injury Settlements

The word accident shouldn’t be used when talking about a car crash where a person has sustained injuries. If you’ve been injured, know that you have a right to recover damages from an injury settlement. While Massachusetts is a no-fault car insurance system, injured parties are allowed to step outside of the no-fault system when injuries are severe (cause permanent disfigurement, scarring, fracture, or loss or hearing or sight) or incur more than $2,000 in reasonable medical expenses. For victims who have suffered losses such as these, a lawsuit against the at-fault party responsible for the car crash can be filed. Damages recoverable include damages for medical expenses, other financial losses (such as lost wages), and pain and suffering.

What can a Massachusetts car crash lawyer do for me?

If you’re the victim of a car crash in Massachusetts, don’t let the insurance company talk you into believing that it was an ‘accident.’ If you believe that the accident would not have occurred but for the other driver’s negligent action, you need an attorney who will advocate for you. The personal injury and car crash attorneys at Tetzel Law have the experience representing victims in Massachusetts. For a free case consultation where we can discuss your car crash and you can learn more about your recovery options, call us today at 617-933-3858.