The holidays are one of the most joyful times of the year. However, personal injuries over the holidays season tend to surge, blamed by more drivers on the road, adverse weather, crowds in shopping malls, more time spent in the kitchen, and other holiday activities.

At the offices of Tetzel Law, LLC, we hope you have a safe, injury-free holiday season, which is why we encourage you to review some of the most common holiday injuries and tips for staying safe listed below.

  1. Fall-Related Injuries

Fall-related injuries tend to peak during the holiday season, thanks to hanging holiday lights, decking the halls, and placing a star atop a Christmas tree. One doctor told reporters for CNN that falls are “hands down the most common reason” why people come into the emergency room over the holiday season, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that over the holidays, there are are about 15,000 emergency room visits related to holiday decorating. You can reduce fall-related injuries by always standing on a stable surface (such as a step stool instead of a kitchen chair), and having someone hold a ladder steady.

  1. Home Fires

Placing candles, hanging lights, and lighting a fire may contribute to a home’s coziness and holiday ambiance, but home fires are a serious threat over the holiday season. In fact, Christmas trees catching on fire (most often due to hot tree lights and dry branches) caused more than 400 fires over a four year period, and more than $17 million in property damage. Candles are also a risk, as home candles are the source of about 6,500 residential fires per year. Always turn off lights when you’re away from the home, and consider alternatives to open flame.

  1. Car Accidents

Car accidents surge during the holidays, whether talking about New Year’s or Memorial Day. Factors that contribute to the increase in crashes include more driver’s on the road, drivers operating in areas they’re not familiar with, driver fatigue, alcohol-impaired driving, and poor weather. During the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, ice and snow on the road can make driving conditions particularly treacherous. If you’re driving this holiday season, do so while well-rested and sober. If you’re driving in an unfamiliar area, ask a passenger to navigate, and hold off on driving in adverse weather conditions.

  1. Kitchen and Cooking-Related Injuries

The holidays are typically associated with large family gatherings that feature a lot of appetizing food. But as tasty as Turkey and other holiday fare may be, remember that kitchen and cooking-related injuries are common. Consumer Reports warns against cooking fires, knife cuts, range tip-overs, shattering cookware, food processor lacerations, microwave burns, and blender injuries. As a note, cooking-related fires are particularly worrisome over the holidays, with Thanksgiving alone featuring three times the average number of cooking-related fires. To reduce the risk of a kitchen-related accident, make sure there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen, double check to make sure all appliances are turned off before leaving, and don’t combine drinking and dicing.

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