If a Defective Car Part Leads to a Car Accident in Worcester, Who’s Liable?

Every year, there are millions of automobiles recalled throughout the United States. In some cases, these recalls are for serious defects in the cars that could lead to accidents and injuries, or have already caused harm to drivers or passengers.

If you are involved in an accident that is caused by a defective car part, such as a loss of power steering, an engine failure, or defective brakes, it is important to understand your options for recovering compensation. Here’s what you need to know regarding liability for car defects–

When a defective vehicle part causes an accident and injury, the first party that is turned to to determine liability is the vehicle manufacturer. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are designed and created without any defects that could put the consumer at unreasonable risk of harm. If a manufacturing or design defect was the cause of your injuries, you can file a lawsuit for damages directly against the manufacturer.

In addition to the manufacturer, other parties who might be liable for your accident include a distributor of the car (if the distributor knew of the defect, yet sold the car regardless), a repair or maintenance company (if improper repairs were the cause of the defect), or even another driver (if the other driver contributed to the accident, even if the defect was another contributing factor). It is important to note that liability is not always the fault of one party; in many cases, liability may be split amongst multiple parties.

How to Prove Liability

In some cases, proving that a car part was defective, and that the manufacturer of the automobile or auto part, or the distributor, should be held liable as such can be difficult to do. In most cases, an investigation will need to be opened that seeks to determine the precise cause of the accident – when defective parts are involved, vehicle design experts, parts specialists, and accident reconstruction experts may all need to be hired, too.

Hiring these experts can be expensive and time consuming, and many people involved in a crash do not want to pay out-of-pocket for these services. Further, a crash victim may not even be sure of whom to hire, or where to find such experts.

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