Children’s toys are often a great educational tool, a way to inspire creativity, and a way to keep children entertained; usually, toys are perfectly safe for use, too. In some cases, however, toys are designed, manufactured, or labeled defectively, putting children at risk for toy-related injuries. If your child has been harmed while using a defective toy, our experienced personal injury attorneys at Tetzel Law can help. Reach us today to learn more. 

Types of Toy Defects and Related Injuries 

When toys are designed for use by children, it is critical that they are designed, manufactured, and labeled in a way that is safe for children’s use. Unfortunately, defects sometimes render products dangerous. Common types of defects include:

  • The use of hazardous materials in manufacturing the toys, such as lead or certain chemicals;
  • Manufacturing a toy in a way that is inherently dangerous—for example, a toy that has sharp edges, small parts that create a choking risk, a design that creates strangulation risks, or that is highly flammable;
  • Designing toys that could cause injuries to the child who uses the toy or other children, such as launching/projectile toys that could cause eye injuries;
  • Failing to properly label toys—for example, failing to include a label that a toy is best suited for children over a certain age or failing to disclose other risks, such as a toy being highly flammable. 

When a toy is defective, it can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Common injuries include eye injuries, choking injuries, strangulation injuries, burn injuries, serious internal injuries (common if children swallow small batteries), and injuries to extremities. 

Steps to Take if Your Child Has Been Harmed By a Defective Toy

For parents, there is nothing worse than a child’s injury. If your child has been injured and you believe that a defective toy was involved, it’s important that you take immediate action to ensure your child gets the treatment they need and to protect your right to a claim. 

The first thing that you should do is to seek medical care for your child. Be sure to fully document their injuries and all care received.

Immediately afterward, you should contact an attorney who works on defective product claims. Your attorney can guide you through the next steps in the process, including gathering evidence, contacting the manufacturer of the toy, and filing a claim. 

Compensation Available

By filing a personal injury claim, your child and your family may be able to seek compensation for the full value of losses suffered, including the value of your child’s medical expenses and future medical expenses, the value of their loss of earning capacity if the injury resulted in long-term disability, and the value of their pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Filing a claim may also help to protect other children from future injuries. 

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