With February almost over, you may be rejoicing at the fact that winter is nearly done and spring is right around the corner. Indeed, the days are getting longer, and before you know it, sunshine will be plentiful, with buds blossoming and birds chirping. It may very well inspire you to get outside.

Spring Leads to Increase in Pedestrian Accidents

But as wonderful as spring is, there is a downside to the warm weather that all should be aware of: warmer weather is associated with an uptick in the number of pedestrian accidents. In fact, an article published by the VUMC Reporters refers to warmer weather as heralding “trauma season,” and it’s no secret that pedestrian deaths are on the rise regardless of weather conditions.

If you’ll be outside this spring, whether walking to your neighborhood store or favorite restaurant, jogging throughout the streets of Boston for exercise, or merely walking from your parked vehicle to your destination, here are some tips for staying safe and avoiding being the victim of a pedestrian crash:

  • Put down your phone. One of the leading causes of the spike in pedestrian accidents is the surge in walkers who are using their phones as they navigate the city. Looking down at a phone, especially while crossing the street, significantly increases the risk of an accident. Even using your phone to chat–even if you’re not necessarily looking at it–can be a distraction.
  • Take out your earbuds. Walking or jogging while listening to music can be pleasant, but it’s dangerous. When you have music or a podcast playing, you are less likely to be able to hear oncoming traffic. Tuning into all of your sense while walking is a key part of avoiding being hit.
  • Cross where you have the right-of-way. There are plenty of areas of Boston that are designed for walkers, so use a crosswalk where you have the right-of-way rather than crossing at the middle of the road or at an unmarked intersection.
  • Wear bright colors. Finally, wear bright colors, and be sure to wear a reflective vest or tape if walking or jogging when lighting is poor. Bright colors help drivers see those on the road.

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As safe as you may be while acting as a pedestrian in Boston, there is a chance that the driver of a motor vehicle won’t be paying attention, will be speeding, will be operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or will be committing another act of negligence. If you or a loved one is struck by a car this spring, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Boston personal injury lawyer at the offices of Tetzel Law, LLC. Pedestrian accidents are tragic, and when they occur, you need an advocate on your side who knows the law and knows how to get you the compensation award you deserve. Call Tetzel Law, LLC today at (617) 933-3858, or by sending a message using the contact form on our website.