Sending kids off to camp for a few days or weeks during the summertime is a win-win for parents and children alike. While most camps are staffed by responsible adults who provide around-the-clock supervision, sometimes, summer camp injuries occur. If your child has been seriously injured at camp and you suspect that negligence was to blame, you may have a cause of action. Call our personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts today to learn more. 

Common Injuries at Camp

At a kids’ summer camp, the range of potential injuries knows no bounds. Common camp injuries include:

  • Falls and related injuries. When hiking, running, playing, climbing, or otherwise exploring, children have a tendency to fall. While some falls are minor and will result in mild scrapes or bruising, others can be more serious, especially if a child falls from a high height. 
  • Water-related accidents. The best summer camps are those that include water-related activities, such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, river rafting, and more. However, being around the water can be dangerous, and drowning and near-drowning accidents are possible. 
  • Rashes, bites, and burns. From creepy crawlers to poisonous plants, rashes and bites happen. Most of the time, these rashes and bites are uncomfortable, but not medically concerning. Burns from a campfire are also possible, and can be very worrisome when severe. 
  • Heat-related injuries. When out in the sun all day, it’s important that kids stay well-hydrated, nourished, and covered with weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. Heatstroke and heat fatigue can set in when temperatures are high and a child experiences prolonged heat exposure. 
  • Sickness. From eating something wrong to the stress of being away from home and numerous things in between, young ones may come down with some sort of illness while at camp. 

Liability for Camping Injuries

Some injuries are more serious than others. What’s more, some injuries are preventable and would never have occurred but for the negligence of a camp supervisor or representative, whereas others may have been impossible to foresee. 

If you can prove that the camp (or an employee of the camp) violated its duty of care to your child and that your child’s injuries would not have occurred but for the breach of duty, you may be able to hold the camp liable for your child’s harm. Examples of breach of duty that could lead to injuries include negligent supervision, failing to properly screen/background check hired staff and volunteers, failing to administer first aid properly, and more. 

What to Do After an Injury at a Massachusetts Summer Camp

If your child has been seriously injured at a summer camp and you think that the camp may be responsible, then you need a lawyer on your side who can investigate your case and represent your interests. At the office of Tetzel Law, LLC, our law firm is here to advocate for you. Call our Massachusetts personal injury attorney at (617) 742-1700 for your free consultation.