If you live in Worcester, you already know that winter conditions can be treacherous. With freezing (and below) temperatures and plenty of precipitation during the coldest months of the year, parking lots, sidewalks, porches, outdoor stairs, and more can turn into dangerous places. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that many wintertime injuries result from falls on ice-covered surfaces. Because staying indoors all winter long is neither a reality nor a desire for many, here are some tips for staying safe and reducing your risk of a Worcester winter slip and fall accident.

High Heels in the Snow?

Shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to the prevention of a winter slip and fall. Shoes with poor tread are a definite no when ice is a possibility, and high heels can be a real danger. If you have to wear certain shoes for work or another occasion, pack unsafe shoes in a bag to change into, and wear good boots while walking outdoors.

Keep Your Hands Free

If you do slip and start to fall, having your hands free can help by:

  • Allowing you to grab onto something; and
  • Allowing you to extend your arms for more balance.

This means that if you’re walking outdoors, avoid carrying large loads (which not only occupy your hands, but also can lead to imbalance), or tucking your hands into your pockets. If you have to carry something, use a backpack, which is the best way to carry a load in a balanced manner and ensure your hands are free.

Pay Close Attention and Take it Slow

Ice can be very hard to see, and surfaces that may originally appear safe may in fact be slippery as can be. As such, be sure to always pay close attention to where you’re walking and walk distraction-free, and take it slow even if you don’t think that ice is around.

Shovel Snow and De-Ice for Yourself and Others

To keep yourself and others who may enter your property safe, be sure to shovel snow as soon as you can upon its falling (and certainly within 10 hours, per Worcester City Ordinance), and put down salt to help combat ice.

What to Do if You Slip and Fall This Winter

A wintertime slip and fall can be serious, potentially leaving an individual with a bone fracture, head injury, or worse. While most slip and falls cause more soreness than anything else, those that are serious should be treated as such.

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