During the holiday season, the rate of car accidents surge, with more people being involved in crashes that cause injuries. Indeed, as highlighted by data for a one-year period provided by the Insurance Information Institute, Thanksgiving Day was the day with the most motor vehicle-related deaths, followed by Labor Day and then Christmas Day.

If you’ll be on the road this holiday season, understanding the top three causes of holiday car accidents can help you stay safe in Worcester.

  1. More Drivers on the Road and Increased Congestion

The increase in accidents over the holiday period is in large part contributed to the fact there are more drivers on the road, and therefore more traffic and congestion. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that Thanksgiving and the Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year, with the number of long-distance trips increasing by 54 percent over Thanksgiving alone, most of which are made by motor vehicle.  

If you’ll be traveling by car this holiday season, consider leaving a day early or staying a day later. More people travel Thanksgiving Day than the preceding Wednesday, and the days immediately following Christmas are generally busier than are New Year’s Day and the two following days.  

  1. Increase in Alcohol-Impaired Driving

With most people having work off and attending meals or family events where alcohol is present, it may not come as a surprise that alcohol-related crashes increase during the holidays. Aetna reports that four in ten highway deaths around the holidays are due to drunk driving, and that 48 percent of highway deaths on New Year’s Eve are alcohol-related.

If you’re driving this holiday season, don’t drink. If you do drink, find an alternative way home. Further, exercise caution and drive defensively. You never know who has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

  1. Poor Weather Conditions

Weather in Worcester and throughout the state of Massachusetts can get pretty ugly during the months of November, December, and January, increasing the risk of a weather-related collision. In addition to precipitation events like snow, rain, and hail, fog can impact visibility, and moisture on the road can turn to ice making vehicles difficult to control. Combined with shorter daylight hours, the wintertime can be a dangerous time to operate a vehicle. When poor weather conditions are combined with the two risk factors listed above, conditions can become particularly hazardous.

If you can, try to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions this holiday season. If refraining from driving when it’s bad weather isn’t an option, make sure your vehicle is up to the task and keep an emergency kit within.

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