A recent article published in Telegram.com tells the story of a recent rollover accident that occurred within Worcester’s boundaries. According to the article, on February 18, 2018, the accident took place near 50 Shrewsbury Street when a driver of an Audi vehicle reportedly crossed the double yellow line, striking a Buick Regal nearly head-on.

As the driver of the Buick saw the Audi cross the line, they attempted to swerve to the right to avoid the collision. As such, the vehicles collided with the front end of the Audi hitting the front-left side of the Buick, which forced the Audi to slide and roll, coming to a halt on its side.

Police say that at this point, no criminal charges have been filed, and that a crash reconstruction unit is investigating the accident. The driver of the Audi was transported to the hospital for injury treatment; the article did not make clear whether the driver of the Buick suffered injuries.

Top Causes of Head-on Collisions and Rollover Accidents

This rollover collision is unique in that the majority of rollover accidents that occur are single-vehicle collisions, only involving one driver. Not only did the Shrewsbury St. rollover crash involve two vehicles, but was the result of a near head-on collision – the deadliest type of crash.

Head-on crashes and rollover accidents are almost always caused by the exact same thing: driver negligence. Acts like speeding, driving while distracted, driving while intoxicated, falling asleep a the wheel, and driving aggressively all significantly increase the risk of collision. Head-on and rollover accidents happen to be two of the most serious accident types, most likely to result in severe or fatal injuries.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries After a Serious Car Accident

When a driver’s negligent actions result in injuries to others, injured parties have a right to file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, or file a lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver (assuming Massachusetts’ injury threshold has been met). Further, injured parties have the right to seek the full value of damages they have suffered.

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